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  • Flight Test
  • Maintenance/repair/performance Improvement of UAV
  • Miniature flight model for test flight
  • Captive Flight Test (CFT)
  • Parts of UAV
  • Manufacture of wind tunnel model
  • Aerospace and munition model

Miniature flight model for test flight

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Unmanned flight model for test flight / Scale Down flight model

  • UAV manufactured and designed for test of new purpose of firstly developed UAV or renewal version of existing usage.
  • UAV for test is used for the purposes of long duration flight/high-altitude flight/variation of task equipments/increase of pay load/extension of task areas /CFT task/application of new renewable energy source
  • Flying vehicle manufactured and miniatured for a fixed ratio based on maintenance of dynamic similarity of real aircraft, as a part of development of manned and unmanned aircraft
  • Miniatured flying vehicles are to be used for advance verifications of design mistake/flight features verification/ and operation verification which may occur to actual flying vehicles