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Sungwoo Engineering provides the best quality and value

The Company is well aware of where the projects should go and how the project should go through many experience and R&D

Remo-H, multipurpose unmanned helicopter

  • 120 Kg unmanned helicopter independently developed with original technology
  • Multi purpose unmanned helicopter system which has been successfully deployed on a commercial scale for the first time in Korea
  • Can be used for various purposes depending on the equipments loaded and can be a platform for agriculture, special purpose images, CFT and task flight test
  • Is available for converting to munitions purpose depending on task equipment loaded
  • Only platform in Korea which has more then 3,000 hours record of flight as unmanned helicopter

Unmanned pest control for agricultural purpose

  • Unmanned helicopter for aviation pest control “Rice cultivation”
  • Unmanned helicopter for aviation pest control “Pest control”
  • Transferred technology to Rural Development Administration
  • Save labor and cost by spraying 30 ha a day
  • Spray 20 kg for 1 ha for 10 min. (IRG: based on Italian ryegrass standard)
    → improve speed by 5 times compared to power applicator
  • Left-right balanced spray (patent)
  • Is available to adjust application amount during direct planting flight
  • Is available for spraying direct planing, test flight, seeding, fertilizer, herbicide