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<119 person completing flight education session of unmanned aircraft>

< Flight Education Institute of Unmanned Aircraft >
  • Educational institute specialized for pilots of ultra-light flight equipments (unmanned rotor)
    (obtained approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on May 16, 2014)
  • Produced 119 students from 2008 to present
  • Business to cultivate pilot of unmanned helicopter

Simulator education

  • Computer Based Training “simulator education for each stage”
  • Apply scientific educational method by using simulator
  • Make students be well aware of operation method of unmanned helicopter through advance training
  • Provide various emergency measures to prevent damages on property or personal injury in actual situations
  • Available for individual education and postwork education (11 sets)

Majors and theoretical education

  • Basic Theoretical Education “session based majors /theory education”
  • Educate various matters such as aerodynamics and aviation regulations for non-majored students (OT)
  • Educate required courses of aviation regulations (2), OPUS (2) and aerodynamics(5)
  • Total 23 hours for flight management theory, aviation maintenance, flight safety theory(13)
  • Provide group education for many people and conduct additional education after evaluating for each cession

Education of practical training of unmanned helicopter

  • Unmanned Helicopter Flight Training “practical training of unmanned helicopter for each session”
  • Carry out theory education and simulator test and provide practical training for person passing the test
  • 20 hour education for departing and landing, air work, ground work, emergency procedure
  • Unmanned helicopter operations, wireless education, other than 54 hours flying experience.
  • Provide practical training by using unmanned helicopter operated in agricultural and industrial sites
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