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CEO Greetings

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In May 1993, Sungwoo Engineering was founded to help develop aviation industry in Korea.

We at Sungwoo Engineering produced prototype of iron bird and conducted flight test prior to development of airplanes and unmanned airplanes, and maintained and supported, and researched and developed and produced military use and industrial use unmanned airplanes, and produced farming use unmanned helicopter, unmanned rotor blade products, and composite material wind turbine blade.

We have done research and development, production, maintenance and repairing, operation and training and flight testing of unmanned airplane in Korea and in the world.

Last twenty years, we have been developed to grow up despite difficult environment and to invest to technology development with challenge spirit and passion and to get plenty of good results.

We have made effort to be loved by customers with good quality products and to satisfy customers and to be proud of our business and work.

We shall be concentrated on research and development with more investment, capability and passion to attain technical competitiveness and to grow up in world market.